The Idaho ski resorts we have today were made possible through the vision, pioneering spirit and hard work of our industry's founders. The value of those efforts holds today, as resorts are showcases of quality recreation opportunities for skiers, snowboarders, and countless summer guests as well. Although many forces may draw us to the slopes-the thrill and excitement of
sliding down a mountain, the chance to reconnect with family and friends-we can never underestimate the value of the natural surroundings in renewing the human spirit.

We respect the natural settings that we call home and hope that through our current efforts,we will preserve this same experience for future generations to enjoy.

See what the Idaho ski resorts are doing to protect the mountain environment in which they operate in.

Environmental Sustainable Slopes Charter
Idaho Ski Areas endorsing the Sustainable Slopes Charter
Keep Winter Cool is a partnership between NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) and the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) to raise visibility and public understanding of global warming and spotlight opportunities that exist right now to start fixing the problem.
A searchable database of ski area environmental programs and practices.
Browse the site to find your Idaho resort practices.


National Ski Areas Association GREEN POWER PROGRAM

NSAA encourages all of it members to invest in green energy and is facilitating a group purchase of green power for its members under the umbrella of the Sustainable Slopes and Keep Winter Cool initiatives. The program was launched in an effort to grow the number of ski resorts and ski industry supplier companies buying green power for their operations.

Click here for a list of Idaho Ski Areas Powered by Green Energy and offsetting energy use.

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