COVID-19 Procedures for Summer 2020


Ski Idaho resorts have collaborated with the Idaho Ski Areas Association to create and implement COVID-19 operational and safety guidelines to address the spread of the novel coronavirus and to ensure the safety of staff and the public. The sources for these protocols are CDC-guided policies and best management practices along with OSHA guidelines, state and federal rules and guidelines, and guidance from the National Ski Areas Association.
With the health and wellness of staff and guests the top priority, Ski Idaho resorts have established COVID-19 taskforces that meet daily to develop and implement safety protocols.
For employees, these protocols include: Required COVID-19 testing for all employees; completion of a daily health survey prior to work; extensive training on proper disinfecting, sanitizing and PPE use; requirement to wear face masks when unable to maintain physical distance guidelines, or in a communal area, such as restrooms; instructions to deep clean and disinfect all areas, using cleaners approved by the EPA; and a specific COVID-19 janitorial department to assure frequent, effective sanitizing and disinfecting occurs in all areas, and on all equipment, especially where guest contact occurs.
For guests, these protocols will include: Requirement to follow physical distancing guidelines; requests that anyone experiencing potential COVID-19 symptoms refrain from visiting; strong recommendations to wear face masks when in line or in designated communal zones; and implementation of a range of precautionary measures, such as hand sanitizer, reduced contact at points of purchase, satellite first-aid services, and more.